In conclusion, digital media plays a crucial part in people’s everyday lives, thus it has also impacted upon education.

Only time will tell whether children will continue chanting Pink Floyd’s classic “Another brick in the wall”, sitting behind a desk with four walls around them, or maybe learn by themselves from interactive Apps on tablets. One thing is sure – the digital world has changed society and school needs to adapt to the new pace of development, in order to still keep the attention of children and prepare them for life – and this will preferably happen with more visual content, interactive tools and personal contact through collaboration and group work.

The following video is my favourite one about education and changing the system:


I enjoyed writing a blog over the semester and may continue to do it. It has been a fascinating experience and I got acquainted with numerous other blogs and writings. This allowed me to gain more in-depth knowledge of the subject, learn new and interesting facts and get to find out about more platforms and opportunities. So in personal practice and experience, I can conclude that blogging has a positive effect on the learning of an individual.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!



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