Thought about the future: Digital Aristotle

This is a very interesting video, focusing on ideas about the future of education. It suggests that an AI software is created, helping students with their education by an appropriate selection of learning material from a virtual library.

It is quite a thought-provoking idea. Many will argue that human contact should not be lost and kids should learn from an actual living person. Others may bring up arguments that today’s school system has many flaws and is too teacher-centric – a digital programme only focuses on the child and its personal needs, thus making it more suitable for teaching purposes.


It may solve the problems of standard exams – people have different learning habits, pace. Some are better at writing, some at speaking.

In order for this software to be a successful substitute of a teacher, the library will need to include many types of recorded media – video, sound, still images, text. As mentioned by the speaker, different people learn in a different way – this means that the Digital Aristotle will have to generate enough unique methods of delivering information to a student to ensure that as many children as possible can benefit from it.

However, it would be difficult for an Artificial Intelligence to judge a child’s writing skills, quality of arguments and creative ideas. Another challenge are oral examinations – without a teacher evaluating the answers, it may not be possible to conduct such exams, even if some students excel at them. That is why I believe teachers should stay in education. They can be trained to promote logical skills, help children develop critical thinking abilities and use their creativity.

Nevertheless, it is an innovative approach which may be used very well as a specifically developed App for educational purposes. It has a great potential to be useful for learning of facts, principles and theory and can also test students on their knowledge. Digital Aristotle could be helpful tool to both teachers, who will have constant access to statistics about pupils’ advance, and to children, who will be able to learn facts based on their own ways of studying.

Developed in the right way, Digital Aristotle may change the education system for good.



TEDtalk about future of education:


Sources and further reading:





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